JyuJyu Becomes Apocalypse

Now that there’s a little bit more time to pay attention to recreational interests, one of my favorite activities over the past few days has been to clean out and update my system of idol notifications. Like, only a lunatic would deliberately comb all of idol media all the time to find the stuff they want to blog about! No, a milder form of lunatic (a maniac, if you will) uses the Powers of Technology to get immediate tips about particular goings-on, and then responds accordingly. It’s just … man, it gets to be a lot. And during my long hiatus, it became obvious that some work needed to go into cleaning up all of that. Out with the old, in with the new, etc. etc. etc. And with that, I purged quite a few artists, some of which have demonstrated that they just plain aren’t worth following that closely, and others that barely do anything to warrant so much attention span (yes, there’s a difference), and yet more that, well, I don’t think anybody really cares about anymore.

Which brings me to JyuJyu, who I will tell you I saw in my list and stayed purely because they don’t have the world’s most active Twitter account, so there’s a higher likelihood of a meaningful announcement than you see from basically anybody else in idol. Also, because I genuinely really like the group and find their management inexplicable, I’d have to keep putting in extra work to check in on them, and work just isn’t something that’s terribly attractive these days.

ANYWAY, today, JyuJyu, notifications, announcement. Oh, and what an announcement it was!

So this is pretty neat; their management company is doing a full-on collaboration with a record label, and that record label is now publishing … I guess all of the XiDEA artists, but in this case is definitely publishing JyuJyu, and to commemorate that there’s this new atrocity inflicted upon the world:

Imagine your city being literally burned to a shell and friggin’ JyuJyu is dancing amid the wreckage

I embrace this song to the utmost. Like, if this morning’s other post didn’t make it abundantly clear, I am all-in on world-ender themes right now. Give me destruction! It’s what we deserve!

“La fin” isn’t my my favorite JyuJyu piece by far (ahem), but it hits right in that sweet spot between “this is a JyuJyu song” and “/brutal air guitar”. The incongruity between the vocals and instrumental is delicious, not peak-creepy per se but definitely evocative of that whole “this is the end” vibe. Also, I dare you to find me another example of telling a complex story so simply in music video format; extremely on-brand JyuJyu choreography amid an urban holocaust basically says all it needs to.

Basically, this should be the closing number at the DNC convention.

Also, you may have noticed an updated look:

And while we’re at it with the meaningful JyuJyu updates because it will be months before we’ll post about them again, here’s their updated tour dates:

This is all deeply satisfying.