Just Three Weeks to Halloween; Let’s Get the Party Started Now

You may have noticed that it’s October, the finest month of the year — in addition to pro sports action out the wazoo, the weather’s actively turning over to autumn and, of course, Halloween is basically right around the corner.

Let me reiterate: The most fun holiday possible is mere weeks away.

Idols, who basically live in costume, are neither strangers to Halloween nor in any way averse to it. We’ll be thoroughly celebrating Halloween more as the time comes, but I thought it’d be fun to work some (additional) properly themed idols into the rotation.

First up, via Pure Idol Heart, remember these guys? Here’s Phantom Voice with a member-shot (though probably not edited!) video for “rise”.

They just held their third consecutive monthly one-man yesterday, and seem to have had a good time at TIF. This isn’t quite in the same visual vein as their, well, what you’d expect out of idols called Phantom Voice, but you get the idea.

STARMARIE already kind of got this ball rolling, and I’m holding out hope that NECRONOMIDOL takes advantage of the season and puts out a video, and also because I’m asking them to.

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