Somebody Save Us from This Wave of Clown Terror

I don’t even know what to say at this point. We’re now three posts deep for Thursday Hurtsday, and of course the demonic clown idols of Bokura no Oyugi have even more live video to share with us.

What an embarrassment of riches!

Between the first batch and that drop the other day, Bokurano has pretty much trebled their pre-existing video content, and these are really the only live videos they’ve ever made available. I am incredibly thankful for this, even if this latest number if borrowing heavily from the synths in “Pandora’s Song.”

Loud idols are the best, especially when they have a ridiculous theme that they pull off well and clearly give negative shits about whether they’re meeting anybody’s expectations than their own. Remember: This is the group that promised twitcasts in exchange for 666 followers. Bless them.