I’ve Now Seen Enough to Know That I’m Looking Forward to the New BiSH Album

I think I figured out a pattern when it comes to BiSH in their “officially a big deal” era — the more seriously a release is treated by the group, the higher the likelihood that it might actually be kind of butt. Take for example Letters from last year. Yes, it did very literally top the charts; on the other hand, the only sentiment I got from fans in this particular circle was that the record was a disappointment. A win for WACK and Avex for sure, maybe less so for us. But when the announcement about GOiNG TO DESTRUCTiON landed a few weeks ago, I got a truly giddy feeling: Here was the BiSH that I love most, on the one hand playing into their old chaos merchants persona while also taking the same to a ridiculous level as a send-up of the self-serious approaches they’ve more recently taken to some of their bigger releases:

Wonderful stuff. And what, I thought to myself, would be an even better sign that the album will be good and cool and, heaven help us, on the same par as say KiLLER BiSH? It could only be one thing, and that thing would be a lead single meant to assure the normies that they should definitely buy the album and radio stations should play the songs and nobody has anything to fear.

So with that in mind, enjoy “STACKiNG”:

“Orchestra” clone? Between the sweeping and the strings and the choral flourishes, more or less. Beautiful MV with art direction that makes a little bit of your heart hurt? Right on. So pair it with a lovely piss-take of an album promo and what I presume is a reasonably well-intended name for the thing, and I’m going to presume with only a tiny bit of trepidation that this album is actually going to absolutely own and I really don’t want to have to wait the rest of the month for it to drop.

Is it possible that I’m reading way too much into it and am only setting myself up for forlornly kicking an empty soup can down an alleyway? Of course it is! Am I forever hopeful anyway? Is there any other way to be!