I’ve Never Been Happier to Have No Idea What’s Happening

You Idolmetal group denizens may have noticed this nifty little call back to the heyday of shoegazer:

Why, that’s wonderful! And who a–

・・・・・・・・・? They’re dots? What the blue blazes?

Yes, that’s exactly who they are. They’re Dots, which I guess is pretty much the only way to render that name in a way that makes any sense. Hence, they embrace it for their actual webby stuff. Like their website! And their Twitter!

Okay. But now go to that website. Try to do something. Anything! WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THE DOTS?! Why are they screaming the names of other idol groups at me?!

So I know nothing about this group. Their YouTube channel, just for having some stuff with actual humans in it, is at least minimally helpful in confirming that this is, indeed, a real-deal live idol unit.

Damn, that’s a nice song

Fortunately, they did tweet this:

Somewhat helpful!

The only other thing we have is this free download from Ototoy. But I know that somebody out there can at least contextualize this new delight and wants to share for the edification of all!

5 thoughts on “I’ve Never Been Happier to Have No Idea What’s Happening

  1. Are we thinking this is a supergroup of heretofore known idols? Otherwise, only a madman would cover the eyes of an idol on twitter… Right, JSK?

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