I’ve Been a Bad Maniac This Week, So I’ll Make It up to You

Hey gang!

I’m finally back from the traveling and conferencing and stuff, and I stopped for a second to realize that, , we haven’t done any of the regularly themed daily posts! Zounds and gadzooks!

So let’s go ahead and make amends: Here’s something perfectly acceptable for WTF Tuesday and Indie Idol Wednesday in one fell swoop:

Good ol’ Guso Drop. We always can count on you. If you follow them at all closely, you know that they fairly regularly get together with punk band Ryuketsu Blizzard and get into all kinds of (ahem) painfully violent shenanigans. It’s a match made in heaven.

This is a little light for Thursday Hurtsday, though, but thank the gods that stuff suitably intense is right on the horizon.

5 thoughts on “I’ve Been a Bad Maniac This Week, So I’ll Make It up to You

  1. I think everyone who reads the site understands that sometimes the real world job is going to interfere with your ability update the site, besides it couldn’t have been easy giving pink slips to all those now former ESPN employees.

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