It’s Time to Watch Kamen Joshi’s Schoolgirl Gang Fight Movie Thing

I don’t know what it’s like where you live today, but it’s going to be a cool, gloomy and rainy day here at Maniac Mansion. This is usually a great time of year for being outside, stopping by the local orchard, making some yes-please apple cider donuts and a roast and reinforcing to Mrs. Maniac’s parents that I am in fact a competent provider thank you very much, but it’s going to be crappy outside and that means staying inside and gasp possibly needing to do something like cleaning out the basement. Ugh.

So while I’m doing that stuff, why don’t you take advantage of possibly having a great reason to stay in, and devote a little less than an hour to … remember this? Yep, here it is.

Those full-length sailor dresses are something else

I gotta those girls credit: I’ve seen much worse fight choreography.

15 thoughts on “It’s Time to Watch Kamen Joshi’s Schoolgirl Gang Fight Movie Thing

  1. As usual one of the most interesting Idol Metal acts in the business, Kamen Joshi always provides, and they are so nice in person too that seeing them in roles like this is a lot of fun!!

  2. Damn, they’re all so pretty and talented.I get now why everyone knows them as Queens of the Underground.

  3. That’s legit as fuck.They’re like the most weaponized group ever.Even in those sexy bikini shots they do,there’s always a weapon of sorts involved.

  4. Erina is such a little badass. I saw a video of them in a fight with some other idol group and Erina was the first one to start talking shit and throwing punches.Entertainment gold!!!!

    • The other group is Ebisu Muscats.All members are AV and Gravure models.Google translator spit out “these are real cocksuckers”. LoL.There is a part 2 video that is the set up for the final showdown at Zepp in December. It’s billed as “Underground Strongest vs. Sexy Strongest”. Should be epic.

  5. So this is the group that all the ex babymetal fans have latched on to. Very interesting. Reading through the forums,it’s like they’re the most popular group around here.I guess I have a new group to spend all my money on.Arigato.

  6. This is a pretty sweet movie lol. One of the main things that kept going through my mind while watching was “damn, they have some really great hair” LOL. Erina is awesome. The only thing missing out of this was my favorite girl Moa Tsukino 🙂

  7. I am sure it’s a complete coincidence that all these “different” people in the comments are forgetting to put a space after their punctuation and not indicative of anything at all.

  8. What a fantastic piece of art.Sure beats a 3 minute MV.
    Can’t think of any group that’s having a better year.

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