It’s Time For Our First #IdolDoodles Fan-Art Round-Up!

Time goes by quick! It was at the very end of August when we hosted a Friday Fun dedicated to the joys of fan art, and it came together quite nicely, and YOU deserve all the credit for that! Literally every single post with the #idoldoodles tag was wonderful, I mean that! That kind of positive, creative energy really makes my day, and is truly one of my very favorite things about being a part of this fandom.

One thing you may recall is that we’re intending to maintain a regular feature here on the blog where we share a few of our favorite pieces with the masses. We’ll be revisiting the aforementioned hashtag, but also keeping our eyes peeled for any other terrific idol-themed artwork we happen upon. I’m not sure how often we’ll do a round-up yet: semi-weekly, monthly, probably most likely when we feel like it, but I really want everybody who cares about the wonderful artwork in this community to participate in any way they want. If you make art, (any kind of art) let us know! If you see some else’s art you especially like, also let us know!

We’ll link the twitter or Instagram posts here, and if you see something you appreciate, by all means, please visit their account and let them know you like it! You’ll be surprised how much a simple click of the heart, or a nice comment, or a retweet can mean to a person brave enough to put their work out there. If you do that, they’ll feel compelled to make more art, maybe even score a commission, or just plain feel more confident in what they do. Everybody wins!

With that said, here’s some stuff from the last month that we really liked…

Ash totally got the spirit of what this is all about!

I’m being fully objective when I say Kerrie’s art is awesome and deserves to be in here!

Twitter user MaDeFL has a really unique and individual style that really stands out!

I love the way there’s multiple styles at play here! Always keep trying new things!

Here’s a terrific piece by PleaidesRising

It seems extremely fitting to have this tribute to Kunogi as well!

This is sooo Lingling…which means it’s perfect…

These are all great and really capture the idol’s personalities!

Illustrator Kenny Dalman’s got a ton of excellent art on his account, and not just idols! Plus he’s got a webcomic as well!

Bukugal is a pure fan of the new wave of hip idols, and draws some fantastic stuff!

Fig has an account dedicated to his artwork that’s totally worth your time! GO check it out!

This was just a few of our western fan artists to get us started! There’s many more, and I encourage you to support them in their endeavors!


And Western fandom aside, there’s a bunch of really great Japanese fan artists out there doing their thing. They show up on my feed all the time, and I’ll try to include some of them as well! Please check out their accounts and send them some good vibes…

Here’s a great drawing of SOLEIL with the Shibuya-kei duo TWEEDEES!

And I really love this ultra-cute drawing of Nikki and Haru of avandoned!

And check out this awesome NILKLY piece!!

Hanako-san seems to consistently inspire some really fun artwork…

Oh, and you know what? If we share fan art by idol fans, why not art by idols themselves? Here’s a lovely work of art by avandoned member Mana Shimizu!

And here’s something new from You’ll Melt More!”s Younapi!

Whew! What a bunch of gems! The only thing I regret is that I can’t put everything I see into one post here, because unfortunately, I’m barely scratching the surface. Just let me just tell all of you to keep at whatever is you do to express your idol fandom, be it artwork, fan-fiction, memes, you name it. It’s all vital and valid, so keep at it! I’d really like to make this a continuing feature, so don’t be afraid to reach out and use the #idoldoodles tag, or mention to one of the Homicidols team if you’d like us to help share your work. Trust me, what you do deserves to be seen!