It’s the New Aphrodite in Action

I’ve been feeling a little up and down about what to do with Indie Idol Wednesday, you guys, because a lot of things are possible to do, but a lot of it would just be coming back to things we’ve look at recently, or there are (this happens a lot!) new things that I’d rather show off in a different context, so what’s a Maniac to do?

Why, what about looking up a somewhat familiar face that’s going through some changes, and give them a little featured spot.

So! Remember Aphrodite? Pure Idol Heart was where I first heard about this project, now in like its 78th iteration, having employed everything from underground veterans to straight-up pro gravure models; the one constant has been that they’re interesting, for lack of a better word.

You can get a look at their most recent lineup in the banner (featuring old Maniac favorite Samitsu Misa!), and take in the what-they’re-like in this video:

It’s a shame that the overall quality is a little shot, because you’ll have that, you know?