It’s Not Just a New MV for Desu.Rabbits

I’m such a disaster sometimes, you guys; this happened yesterday and I started to get a post together, and then I had to run out the door and was actually busy-busy at work except for the little bit of time that I took to share that Necroma tickets thing, which put me further behind the 8 ball and now here we are, a day late but still:

New Desu.Rabbits!

I feel so out of touch that I can’t remember if I’d ever even pointed out the new single, but this is “Ichima Spring,” possibly, machine translation and all. What really matters is “pyon-pyon-pyon” and yes of course that’s in the song.

What I definitely feel in the dark about is their first real one-man coming up fairly soon, which isn’t just a one-man anymore, but an official Road to Budokan thing.

Desu.Rabbits at Budokan. Heaven help us all.

But what do you think of the song? I know that Desu.Rabbits is sort of a love-em-or-hate-em thing, and I was a reluctant late adopter thanks to getting a chance to listen to their whole album and being pleased with it; I found the song to be another step in the group’s overall maturation, which was happening on the album and then on full display with “Anger” back in the fall, during their progression from Deathrabbits to Desu.Rabbits.

Anyway, let’s see if they can pull of this particular effort. It’s crazy ambitious.

3 thoughts on “It’s Not Just a New MV for Desu.Rabbits

  1. A bit of deathjazz is nice right after work… Desu.Rabi chill out album would be very welcome. 🙂

  2. Didn’t like the song. I thought the girls were great and the production values as well, but the song itself was weak. Been listening to a lot of Judy and Mary, hide, and the evil Babymetal lately, and they have such good progression and instrumentation in the music, and that was missing here.

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