It’s Idol Matsuri Time!

Congratulations, folks: We all made it to the 2017 iteration of idol’s version of (even more) driving impossibly infectious tunes into our skulls for months at a time. Let’s let Osaka’s pop punk cosplay cafe staffers in PiGU demonstrate:

Everybody taking part in Idol Matsuri does a song+dance cover of that song, a classic anime theme from what I see about it online. For instance, here’s Rinahamu’s Island of Misfit Idols, aka CY8ER:


Her doing this feels extremely appropriate

Something called cana÷biss:

Human Slinkys C-Style!

And so on! Here’s a full list of participants; at some point, voting by some mechanism or another will be made available, and you can support your favorites. I legitimately don’t remember who won last year, but there’s this whole multi-round thing and it takes a while. But still, lots of fun!

3 thoughts on “It’s Idol Matsuri Time!

  1. Being an alt-idol fan community, it’s so strange to see groups dancing! Dancing in the japanese idol-est sense of the word. That C-style video was like, “damn, for a minute I forgot people could even do that!”
    If not KOTO, I’m gonna root for Chuning Candys because a.) Who are they? and b.) Funny name (Bonus C: they kinda remind me of Osaka Shunkashuto?)

    I still have that Sally the Witch song stuck in my head from two years ago, no joke.

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