It’s Good to See PapiRosier After All This Time

Some idol groups, even those that are just grinding away on chika stage after chika stage, release tons of material and as a result are super accessible; others … not so much. I do have a gift for recall, fortunately, so it’s rare to really, truly forget about a unit once introduced, but as time goes on and life’s priorities change, I do have to admit to being surprised when certain projects pop up from the blind spots in my mind.

Like PapiRosier, who released this MV the other day for their new single! This is the first thing I wrote about them, in the summer of 2016; we have averaged 0.8 post per year from them since, as that seems to be the approximate release schedule. And given how things change over time and the whole “heavy idol” thing has run its course in certain ways, I fully expected this MV to be a simple, sparkling idol song, probably kind of anthemic because that’s what they do, but bereft of much in the way of rock sounds and definitely not something to blog a post about:

And it’s not!

I needed a gut check a little on this one. I’ve known of PapiRosier for as many years as I’ve been doing this website, basically, but their discography is microscopic compared to those of quite a few peers, so it was worth checking, and this is just their fourth single since, when, 2016? And boy do I remember that early stuff — based on the only evidence at hand, it seemed like we had ourselves some nu-metal idols! That they eventually came around to doing punky pop rock after the trend had crested, that’s fine, that’s how it works. At least they didn’t try to shoe-horn in any rapping!

This post needs more meat, so also: PapiRosier had a one-man, just their second, the other day:

See you next year!