It’s Friday, So We May as Well Enjoy More STARMARIE

I swear it, while I may occasionally look in on STARMARIE’s YouTube channel to see if/when/what they have in terms of new stuff (it’s often a lot!), I don’t deliberately have this thing for them on Friday or over the weekend; things just kind of work out that way.

In this case, just kind of building on the last (and recent) bit of video, this is “Galaxies visible from the rooftop”:

This one’s actually a theme from an anime, Oniki:

If you pay attention to STARMARIE (like sensible people do), you no doubt recognize that this isn’t “new” per se, but newly released PV content from past performances. One would think that they’d want to tease out more related to the new album, but I’m not making their business decisions for them, you know? The group’s almost a teenager itself at this point; the people in charge seem to know what they’re doing.

And, while I have you, speaking of guitar covers

This dude’s channel is amazing