It’s Final Lolisyn’s Final Live, Finally

I took a little bit of a shot at PAC IDOL a couple of Weekenders ago, and the main reason for that is Gouhou Lolita Syndrome REBOOT — aka Lolisyn, aka 564 REBOOT — and what always looks to me like a terrible lack of commitment, ideas, attention, etc. for what was always in my experience a group that should have been killing it.

Anyway, a year after the last iteration of the original Lolisyn (Haru and Hiro) was disbanded, its quicky follow-up (REBOOT) was killed off, and the Lolisyn project itself declared closed. In the tradition of the Haru/Hiro version, here’s the final live shared to YouTube:

REBOOT looked like they might have turned out to be pretty cool, but ultimately didn’t amount to much. Waka took her talents to Guso Drop before they even debuted, the one member had the dreaded actual health issues and only returned for this final live, they seemed to kind of sleepwalk through performances … I mean, folks were excited about this being a thing about a year ago, and now here we are.

So, yeah. PAC IDOL. Woo.