It’s BiS Day! Celebrate Today; Prepare for Friday

First, I must acknowledge this: Many people are excited about BiS’s first release after the BiSurrection, but nobody has been as excited as Rino here:

Like every day for at least two weeks! That’s a fan.

Anyway, yes, BiS is officially back, with an album to prove it. That album is out today; it seems to be available on various digital services in places other than Japan, so pick it up on the platform of your choice if that’s your wont, or hold out for that international physical release.

If you’re like “stop with the BiS already, Maniac,” I will direct you to this nice joint by the Number 244 for New School Kaidan. Like or love or hate BiS, the fact remains that they were and are very important.

Of course, we also have our own plans to celebrate and show BiS that we’re here and we love them.

Yes, Friday is the day for the #NewIdolArmy to flex its muscles; I’ll be posting about it tomorrow and Friday, too, but check it out now if you’re interested in taking part in a little display of social media love for the literal godmothers of this music, this website, possibly your child someday, etc.

In the meantime, it’s interviews galore out there:

  • Ototoy
  • EMTG Music
  • Billboard
  • Not because I either got lost in the shuffle during the whole SiS thing or Shimizu independently decided to not follow through on the questions I was asked to submit (thanks anyway, Phillter!)

A special on the audition boot camp will also be appearing live on Space Shower TV on Saturday, if you’re able to access that:

And, of course, there’s the “Change the World” video to tide us over til Friday … and the next release.

BiS – CHANGE the WORLD [OFFiCiAL ViDEO] by Papi_Sasazaki

5 thoughts on “It’s BiS Day! Celebrate Today; Prepare for Friday

  1. The new(est) version of nerve is going to take some getting used to. I’m glad I was able to find it for $10 bucks instead of the $30 I thought it was going to be. BiS’ Tsubasa Records releases are on Google Play, but nothing from AVEX. That means no BiSH, no Major-era BiS. No Oomori Seiko. What’s the point of Google Play even existing if you can’t buy the essentials? While I’m ranting, Killer BiSH is 37 Canadian dollars on Ototoy.
    As I mentioned on Twitter, there were 2 versions in the Play store last night, one was $1.50 more expensive, but it had better-looking tags. I got the cheaper version with “Reribi” 😛
    Happy BiS Day! Celebrate it by listening to the new Oyasumi Hologram!

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