It’s an Erisu Release Party Smorgasbord!

This post was, uh, supposed to run on Saturday, and then through some mechanical error on my part did not run on Saturday. So instead let’s do it when it’s convenient!

I love having Erisu in a permanent state of notification on my phone. Because they don’t do 20 lives per week, every announcement has some actual heft to it, and you’re goddamn right I was stoked when they started their last most recent countdown. The reward was this latest EP, continuing on their theme of alien goddesses come to earth, which is capped by:


Here’s the whole thing:

I love this weird little project so much. All the blessings upon these people who are merrily doing their own thing exactly the way they want to do it (while doing tribute to Iron Maiden, no less). I feel like I should get completely blazed and listen to this on vinyl in a lowly lit room while I wait to settle into an appropriate sweet spot to watch Heavy Metal for the 30th time. Honestly, Erisu scratches so many musical itches of mine that I wish I could invest in them as easily as Dogecoin.

Because I hit Save instead of Schedule on Saturday, this is now old news, but maybe somebody who joined in can tell us what happened:

You’re doing great, Erisu. Keep doing it.