It’s ‘ALiVE’! Living Dead I Dolls’ First MV

Oh, happy Friday to me! We just kind of recently got a nice chunk of live video out of Living Dead I Dolls, and now they’re ready to really put themselves before the world with their first MV. I don’t think I need to say for what, given that you’re clearly a literate person:

I’m kind of rooting harder for LDID than most because they’re one of the very first idol projects that I’ve gotten to experience from their literal very beginning, and it’s been educational to see them develop (positively) and get to the point where they’re publicly releasing material (positively) and other than looking like they could maybe stand to have a sandwich or something, everybody seems fine. So far! It’s idol; the members could be kept chained in a basement for all we know.

I also don’t feel like I’ve ever shown proper appreciation for the “Living Dead” thing going on here (personal true thing: Young Maniac lived and went to school by and drove past and did a veterans thing at and once even touched a real girl’s real boob in the woods near the cemetery where George Romero filmed the original). LDID kind of brings it full circle in a really odd way.

I mean–

One thought on “It’s ‘ALiVE’! Living Dead I Dolls’ First MV

  1. When first encountering Living Dead I Dolls I was kinda expecting it being more horror themed than this new song. Being a fan of old horror movies. And the early previews they had very dark sound and eerie melodies. So was expecting more of that.

    Well it’s still heavy, loud and I really like this song. I’m looking forward to hear more from them. For me it beats DEADLIFT LOLITA in the ring and it’s heavier even if these girls doesn’t lift weights 😀

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