It’s a Zenkimi Sneak Attack! Another New Track

Holy smokes, you guys, I definitely didn’t expect Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da to drop another two-hour teaser window for another song (from the upcoming EP? from yet another release that’s yet to be announced because they’re just all over the place anymore?) even after they put out that “good news coming!” announcement over night, but here we are!

Click if you like (and it’s before 10:00 a.m. ET), or get the goods on a permanent basis after the jump.

Listen to me!

Is this really called “Fun Day Song,” or is the machine translation messing with me?


君は泣いてたよね? 独り暗闇の隅で
膝抱えて寂しそうに 世界に拒絶されたと
今も泣いてるかな? 朝焼けは眩しいから
瞳の奥に痛みを 隠すよわむしよ

「行かないで」行かないで 僕の声は君へ向くの

何が苦しめるの? 頬伝う涙の理由
胸締め付ける痛みと 君想い足がすくむ
昨日夢見たこと 言い出す事も出来ずに
不安だけは募ってく 身動きもとれずに

覚めないで今だけは 君の声を辿り行くの 明日に僕ら2人 呼ばれずとも
記憶を抱いたら 蘇る匂い 泣く事も出来ず 「君がいた」

「行かないで」行かないで 僕を独り置いて行くの?
運命決まってるなら 引き千切るから
柔らかな猫毛 くしゃくしゃな笑顔 照れ隠す態度 君だけ想うよ
痛みは込み上げ 残酷を恨む それでも僕には

Holy shit. I love this song. I’ve missed hearing the whole group doing their thing on an original composition for a little while (because solos!), and they sound great, and the writing is great, and I want to meet syva in person just to say thanks.

Go tweet at Zenkimi with their #おもひうた hashtag and let them know how much you like it.

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