It’s a Very Quiet Day in Idol, So Here’s Something Wild

Well, kind of wild. In a long-distance, lo-fi kind of way.

But loogit! Pikarin was recently joined on stage by Shinozaki Kokoro, ex of petit pas!, and the two of them did one of the loudest, screamiest duet versions of “Re:START” you ever will hear:

Picked up via Patrick

What’s kind of weird about it is how Kokoro has a pretty well-worn rock idol’s voice, while Shiina veers between bubblegum idol and her increasingly common descents into demon growls. Interesting combo! I mean, it’s not like you can really tell what’s going on with the music half of the time in the video; this is sort of a meta comment.

But if Kokoro somehow winds up in a thing with Shiina on even a semi-regularly basis, I might spontaneously combust. We’ll allegedly know what’s next for all of the petit pas!ers in the next couple of months.

Here’s a little Pikarin PV action from the other day, while we’re at it:

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