It’s a Thursday Hurtsday Family Reunion!

You know what’s really satisfying about having put together a few thousand posts about a few hundred idols? It feels like there’s always something to talk about, even something new. I started dedicating little content spots over the course of the week to regulate that a bit. Thursday Hurtsday, though, can be a little difficult to meet up with, to the point that I sometimes have to stretch the concept to make it work.

Fortunately, this week has a bunch of really loud stuff!

The other night, the A-minor family (well, most of it, the part of the family under Daichi) did a bill all together, and one familiarly helpful YouTuber captured and uploaded the entire blessed thing:

That’s a lot of loud! And blessedly even more HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI than we’d seen before.

I swear it, in addition to being the loudest idol stable in the business, Guso Drop & Family put on what look like the most fun shows.

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