It’s a Nonamera world, we’re just living in it.

“That girl thinks she’s the queen of the neighborhood

I got news for you, SHE IS”

Have you seen these lyrics from Bikini Kill’s Rebel girl? Clearly, Kathleen Hanna was prescient and wrote this song before the girl that would become Nonamera was even a concept in either of her parents’ mind. I’m kidding, of course, please don’t send me hate mail. This apparte and Bikini Kill have little to do with the musicality of Nonamera’s first solo release, and yet they are absolutely applicable to the blonde pixie.

The background is a deep lavender gradient becoming a teal blue, with magenta pink in the middle. It's the album cover. The visual is Nonamera's head, with an abstract photomontage coming out of the top of her head, as well as a separation just under her nose, with water coming out of it. The title "My Name is..." is written in caps and the font style is ballons-like, with a chrome/metallic impression.

Since said mini-album was just released, why don’t you hop in to read what we think of it?

I think Nonamera is really the future of pop music as a whole. Not even just limited to Japan. Just as if you had stepped into an ice cream shop, Nonamera asks you: “Which flavour of pop music would you like today?” and then, she DELIVERS. As an additional stroke of genius, despite all the songs being very distinctive, the mini-album is extremely coherent.

The album opens with the hardbass beats of “Dye in Lily”, which Cal already reviewed in our songs of the summer here. In short, it’s a very potent drug.

Then, we  proceed to the initially more industrial “Nymphea”, which surprises with it’s syrupy chorus. As the chorus ends, you are definitely entangled in a spider web and have to give in to the universe of the song, alternatively harsh and sweet.

Our third treat is the dreamy “Nakushimono” ( the title translates loosely to Lost Item). It’s airy and dreamy and fast. A very similar sensation to a sugar high, probably from something like cotton candy or a very chemical slurpee, complete with the slow down concluding the song.

After a 10 second respite starts “Kaitai Shinshou” (Image of Demolition), where, and I am weighting my words here, Nonamera will fuck you up. Turns out, the sweets from the previous songs were probably an experimental drug and you are having a bad trip now, buddy. This song is heavier and haunting, but in an electronic way. The haunting is being done by several android ghosts.

Mellow out with I wanna be my GOD, while having some drug flashbacks* when the chorus rolls around. At this point, I am converting to Nonamera’s self religion and also want her to be my GOD. The instrumental makes you feel like you entered a surreal world that has some extremely large and cute bumblebees, but equally massive wasp and they both love your sweet scent.

The album closes with “NO NAME, the song that started it all, composed by GESSHI.

I love going on journeys, especially when I don’t have to leave the comfort of my own home. And this is exactly what this album does. Paradoxically, I think it can also brighten any walk or workout. With a total runtime of 17 minutes and 20 seconds, you’ll hardly break a sweat, but considering the addictive nature of every single one of these songs, three loops are a reasonable expectation, if you are able to stop at that.

Nonamera’s stage presence shows that idol and artist don’t have to be opposites. While as a solo ARTIST, she is not an idol, her very essence makes you want to love her. So despite completely honing her craft and definitely holding her own as a solo act with music you could challenge any Pitchfork nerd with, she manages to keep intact the affective dimension that makes you hooked on an idol, without any of the frame  and restrictions of that setting. She is completely unleashed, cute when she wants, sexy if she feels like it and threatening if she wishes. 

Again, I can hear Rebel Girl’s lyrics, but this time, it’s the opening verse:

 “She’s got the hottest trike in Town

That girl, she holds her head up so high

I think I wanna be her best friend YEAH”

I think this is an excellent album and considering her productivity, I sure hope in five years time Nonamera will be playing bigger venues, by herself and perhaps even having overseas shows. I know she’s ready for it, now, it’s the world’s time to bend to her will and embrace our new overlord.


*You can tell I don’t take drugs because this is more or less written with the idea of drugs sold by books like “Go Ask Alice” and is thus very likely inaccurate.