It’s a ‘New Zenkimi MV’ Kind of Morning

Hey, what a nice surprise! The pre-warning tweet that went out yesterday from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da official was, I thought, going to be for another song preview, which goes to show you just how far my memory has deteriorated of late, given that they last pre-published a, uh, single preview. So fine. Fine! Seventh single! Music video:

Confirming the primacy of Yotsu, per usual

It sounds largely unchanged from when we heard it in preview form (lyrics there too, for the needy), like a rendering of maturation in the composers’ orientation toward their bag of tricks. It also, at least to my ears, sounds like a Zenkimi joint without sounding like straight-up Codomocore, you know?

Yeah, like a lot of people, I miss the days when Zenkimi MVs at worst told bitter stories of lost love and at best involved the very literal murder of goodness by evil, but it’s also hard to complain about videos that aren’t trying to do too much and just let the idols do their idol thing. If Zenkimi were to put out an entire album in this mood, then sure, that’d be bad, but this is just right, and it’s hitting all the right notes.