It’s a Little Idorock for Indie Idol Wednesday with No,SateLight

Folks who follow Homicidols on Facebook have probably come across Andy Edge, who in addition to being a cool person is also a musician in his own right and a big-time idol fan. Dude was in Japan recently, caught BiS’s big BAD SOCiAL show (nbd) among others, including Idol Koushien in April, which included:

That’s No,SateLight (just Twitter!). They’re new enough to still have that new car smell, having popped into existence no earlier than March, and Idol Koushien may as well have been their debut for all of the existing video etc. around them (which is none).

But that’s a fun performance! I do enjoy some harder electric music, and that’s a hell of a stage to be on when you’re that new, so good for them. I’ll be keeping an eye on them.

Happy Indie Idol Wednesday. And remember, Indie Idol Wednesday is something that anybody can contribute to — if we find something cool during a run through weird idol recommendations on YouTube, please share it!