It’s a Lazy Weekend, So Here Are Some Video Teasers

It says “lazy weekend,” but my goodness was it a dull week, too. I’ll put it this way: I judge the overall strength of everybody’s interest in what’s going on by the amount of traffic that comes through these parts, and I have FANCY MATHEMATICAL FORMULAE to account for crazy business like the Corenament, so as long as certain baselines are being hit or surpassed, or the baselines are being consistently beaten (and therefore should be adjusted), I feel like I’m doing my job and idol is good and interesting and great.

This past week, though … I mean, at this point, I shouldn’t be struggling to find content to share, you know? I follow what feels like half of idol, friends are always sending over referrals, the Facebook groups and whatnot are going strong. There’s always something. Except when there isn’t! Like what happened this week! Or, at least, less than we’d like to be able to see.

Ergo, while I completely quietly made an editorial decision a little while back to not push out video teasers as main posts a little while ago (BECAUSE THERE’S SO MUCH STUFF JUST WAIT FOR THE REAL THING, MANIAC!), instead preferring them for the Weekender, I am immediately going back on that because dammit, we all need things to enjoy, even a little bit. It’s Saturday. It’s spring (except for you goofs in the Southern Hemisphere). We want loud idol stuff!

So! First up, courtesy of Lee on the Facebook group, here’s Pikarin’s teaser for her new single:

It’s like what folks were saying back when it was announced — she’s getting back to her A-pop roots, possibly due to not being on Avex anymore, possibly due to there now being both a ton of congestion in the metal+ stuff and also MASSIVE DEMAND FOR DENPA SONG. I’ll admit that this is my favorite version of Pikarin, so good.

And then, courtesy of just about half of the idolverse’s gaijin fans, the teaser for Guso Drop’s fast-approaching “Painfully Violent”:

They held out the best parts, but that’s fine. I’m sure the real thing will be just as off the chain as the song gets.

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