It’s a Good Idea to Get Excited about SiS

The new BiS’s official sister/rivals made their debut yesterday, of course at Heavy Sick Zero, and they did it in style.

Like, wow, their first songs are legitimately really good and they even did pretty okay with the BiS covers!

Look at those outfits!

While there’s a lot of influence from their progenitors in the music and overall styling, the effects of their manager (who also works with Especia, who you should go get familiar with right now because they’re great) are evident in everything from the “quirky nerd” attire to the half-jazzy half-dancey musical tracks to the pretty high standard of excellence.

Seriously. The edges are rough, but the kernels of great things are evident. Even the “everybody draw a bear on your t-shirt” look is charming.

We learned their names, too:

It ultimately checked out as Chin Mirei btw

They even wrote the song lyrics themselves! You can see them in the description of the rehearsal video.

SiS is off to a great start. I hope they’re able to take advantage of the huge current interest in all things XiSx and ride that wave right to meaningful rival status with BiS.

5 thoughts on “It’s a Good Idea to Get Excited about SiS

  1. Would love it if these girls became more popular than the rebooted BiS.
    Imagine the look on Puu’s face if it happened haha!

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