It’s a Crucial Time for a JOANJOAN Update

I’ve been sitting here with my finger twitching over this stuff from Yet Another of Maniac’s Favorite Recent Discoveries JOANJOAN for several weeks, and I really just can’t wait anymore. Plus, what I’m waiting for might not ever actually make it to fruition, and then won’t I be the one with egg on my face? And you’ll be the ones who probably didn’t learn some additional info about JOANJOAN because I can practically guarantee that you’re not following them yet!

So to preface, the really important news is that there’s this new digital single available:

It’s so up my alley that I may as well give it its own permanent address

I’m not sure that we’ll reach MV territory for it, hence the low-context post. Just trust me on this one — if you like your stuff digital and loud and idol, you’ll probably dig it.

There’s more, though. For instance, while Juri is still the lead entity of the group, she has a new partner in Renka, who maybe brings a little something extra to the mix. For instance, as this little teaser would indicate, idol-on-idol violence, and those screams!

Here’s the relatively new lineup in action:

Yeah, they’re pretty broad sonically, but since when have you guys ever complained about that? Hell, since when have I? I’m happy to have it, and really happy to see that the project is getting more traction and much more ambitiously putting stuff up online. This is my kind of chika unit.