It’s a Bonus WTF Because I Miss PiGU

No, no, PiGU isn’t going anywhere — from what their Twitter feed looks like, they’re still doing auditions. It’s been a little while since Rino’s graduation, which I failed to get anything together for because reasons, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still love Osaka’s resident cosplay cafe pop punk idols (and supporters of the Best of 2016!).

I have been sort of hovering over their Twitter lately in the hopes of spying something new; yes, you could argue that “live video of the trio members” would count, but they’re still doing the familiar songs and I was hoping for a chance to do something a little more unique. Fortunately, they delivered!

I thought it was a new subunit or something at first, and Undercover kind of is that I guess, but then … wait, that sounds like vocaloid! In fact, it sounds like vocaloid that I kind of like (that is, Hatsune Miku)! And they aren’t singing, they’re just dancing!

Yes, friends, enjoy your vocaloid dance cover by cafe staff who are idols who are a lot of fun in general when they’re doing their normal thing but are here doing something different for the amusement of themselves and others. And remember: The WTF in the world isn’t always disturbing, but it will always make you make that face.

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