It’d Be Boring If It Weren’t the Friday Fun

Pour Lui, look what we’ve done for you! So many fresh ideas for your channel! Now can I design t-shirts for your inevitable YouTuber merch store? Pleeeeaase?

I am so, so thankful for April Fools Day. It’s been what, almost a month since it happened, and it’s still fueling ideas for Friday Funs. I love this time of the year for bringing me out of the drought I had going for months! I want a fool for every month.

Of course, for Babymetal fans, April Fools Day is also Fox Day, the day for many goodies and announcements, and boy, did we get one heck of an announcement this year:

Whatever the hell that means! New members is the most common and obvious theory floating around, but we all know Babymetal’s PR team just loves to give cryptic and epic announcements for the most mundane of things. There’s that graphic novel, too, which sounds kind of cool, although whatever happened to that Netflix cartoon? Either way, this announcement brought along drones of fans crying “Nothing again? Just release a new album already, we’re begging you!” only for the Fox Gods to look down and whisper “buy dat merch.”

I think we could have some fun with this, don’t you? The hashtag says it all, come up with some #MundaneBabymetalAnnouncements as we pray to our foxes to just come out and say they’ve added new members already!