It Only Took More Than a Year to Make This MV

It’s late as all heck, and Alice Project in general has moved to an even-more-extreme-than-Babymetal’s release schedule, but the single that they released almost 16 months ago finally has a full MV for its B-side. Let us indulge!

“ISUMI”, it must be pointed out (like when we got a preview of this all the way back when the single first came out) is a theme song of a sort. A theme song for a city. Like, I don’t know how you get that gig (it seems like a silly thing to use bribes/muscle to coerce), but that’s a hell of a thing.

Kamen Joshi’s music is one of my little guilty pleasures. I prefer the stuff that they (along with the rest of AP) were putting out couple of years (and more) ago, the genuinely high-energy insanity and the 6-minute epics about smiles, the much more deliberate incorporation of their stage prop weaponry, etc., and I’m fairly certain that every song of their that I’ve heard since the release of “Genkidane” has been an elaborate ploy to up the idoling portion and tone down the product, but I still like to have it on sometimes just to scratch an itch that usually only late-model Aerosmith or Daughtry or something can handle.

By the way, after that whole random business in Russia, a selection of Mask Girls will be in Sri Lanka:

One thought on “It Only Took More Than a Year to Make This MV

  1. They kinda cheaped out on this PV – only five girls are in the “drama” parts and get closeups – Erina, Moa, Anna, Miishan, and Yuuka. Hey, at least we know who AP’s pushes are, I guess! What I find even funnier is you can see that there are seven girls in the dance shots and the other two girls they include, Shihori and Hino, weren’t even Kamen Joshi members when this song came out

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