Had to do it to ’em!

So you all likely saw on Wednesday that the re-done OG of OGs — and therefore not OG at all, but somehow one of the best representatives of the OG’s brand since the OG was still the OG — BiS dropped the official lead track from their brand, shiny new upcoming second EP, and I don’t want to put more time into it because this is going to be a “song good” post and I’m running out of ways to pad the word count!

Song good! Actually the whole thing is good, from the throwback aesthetic in the MV to the, well, OG-ass BiS sound. A good BiS power ballad really is something to behold, and this is frankly one of the very best by pretty much the best project in idol to ever seriously take on the style. Like, I struggle to think of an original song from any of BiS’s second iterations that speaks to me as well and as totally; somehow, BiS 3.01 (or whichever version we’re on now) just keeps racking up these absolute gems. The composition of the members is impressive, almost enough to believe that it was done intentionally for the four to complement each other, with good voices in the right places, and while I know that not every song is one that’s going to make the BiS Hall of Fame, a seriously surprisingly high percentage of them will.

Now to get the rest of the record next week … “COLD CAKE” and this kick in the ass both set us up, and now it’s time to knock us down. Every other previous BiS release with a “killing idol” theme was a pretty good one!