Is This Where We Are Now?

Bear with me, you guys.

I’ve seen different iterations of this tweet now several times in the last few days:

Because DISDOL has something like 45 members, and they all RT one version or another

You might not find it as interesting as I do, but look at which account it’s coming from, and look at the URL linked in it.

That’s for DISDOL’s HARERUYA (come on) album*, which is being promoted by diskunion … diskunion metal to be precise. As a label, diskunion specializes in heavy music in particular (their website is like, oh man, there to warm my heart). DISDOL isn’t diskunion’s only idol thing, either, but this is the first time that I noticed that the act is being presented as “metal” (or whatever) as opposed to “idol” or “pops” like they usually are out in the world.

DISDOL’s sound is pretty unmistakable; they’re metal all day long, some ballady stuff notwithstanding. It makes sense that someone would say “that’s metal.” I’ve just never seen idols (other than Babymetal) so listed before.

Anyway, odds are better than bad that I’m making more of this than it is. I’m just taking it as a net positive, one step closer to broader cultural legitimacy for our kinds of idols.

*Were we aware of this happening? I feel like I had no idea that this was happening.

3 thoughts on “Is This Where We Are Now?

  1. When I was in Disk Union looking for NEXT Shoujo Jiken’s album, I asked in thr idol section and they told me to go to the metal section. Anyway, the metal section didn’t have it, either, I think you can only buy it at buppan.

  2. I will have this album by weeks end, I bundled with the 2 Yumeado! singles to save on shipping 🙂 Dissenter Dolls has some good music so im pretty excited. 45 members LOL where did that come from?

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