Is the New Osaka Shunkashuto Available in Your Country?

I saw that “New Me” is definitely available in the United States:

And their one other tweet from the other day says “all over the world.” Chris (in the UK) has it, listened and even gave it a review!

“New Me” — It’s great! Obviously it would be. Maina could sing the Teletubbies theme tune or recite Pi set to music composed by cat walking on a piano and it would sound like heaven. It’s a soulful number rather than a rock one and by the end it’s embedded in your brain.
“Hururi” — Someone rapping. Nothing against idol hip-hop but what a waste not to have YOUR ABSOLUTE STAR singing! I can’t tell if it’s Maina rapping or not but it’s a waste anyway. There is a chorus she does sing, though, so that redeems it.
3A. “New Me (LAZERDISK Remix)” — Now this is bloody awful. I’m not sure if someone else is singing or they’ve just distorted the vocal but it’s rubbish.
3B. “Hururi (Anamanaguchi remix)” — I kind of like this. I’m not sure why, it reminds me in places of those terrible ringtone adverts you used to see on telly in the 00’s, but it still manages to sound enjoyable. Get the B version if you’re buying the CD.

By the way, here’s that LAZERDISK remix:

Update: And Anamanaguchi!

Anyway, I’m asking all of this for a reason, and it’s to try to figure out how this distribution game is played (also, my iTunes is set to Japan now). Like, PassCode went out on Universal, and that was an international release, but it got held up for North America; by the same token, stuff that doesn’t even get an actual international release will wind up on streaming services.

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