Is Anybody Else Having Weird Tech Issues with the Site?

A few folks now have commented (meta) that the commenting system is finding unique ways to mistaken them for somebody else. It’s not caching, I don’t think, on either end, but the submission field shouldn’t be pre-filling the ID box with anybody’s info, unless it’s yours and you’re already logged in.

This is beyond my normal level of Knowing How Websites Work, so I need to escalate it to figure it out, and the best way to do that is to go in armed with lots of info.

So, basically, raise your hand (that is, make a comment) and describe what’s up. Put your regular username in the comment regardless of whether everything displays normally for you. Include a screen capture if you can.

Please and thanks.

10 thoughts on “Is Anybody Else Having Weird Tech Issues with the Site?

  1. Maybe this is nothing but I saw you tweet out the first article of the day earlier and was straight on it. I loaded the front page afterwards but it wasn’t on there. I loaded up the last article from the previous day and there was no link to the next article as expected. Assuming you had deleted it, I went back to twitter, followed the link and the article was still there, this time with a link forward to Kerrie’s article which had just been posted. Back to the front page: neither article on there.

    Now this sounds like a caching issue on my end but I was using a Nintendo 3DS on the bus to view it (I don’t have a smartphone OK!) and I don’t think it caches pages. And I don’t think I’d loaded it on my 3DS yesterday. Anyway, I got to work at that point and had no internet access until now and I see everything is fine now.

    As I say, probably nothing, but you did ask!

    • OK now that’s weird. I’m on my PC now looking through todays articles and I see that neither mine nor MatBlack’s comment above appear in the comment summary on the right. If I press Ctrl-F5 (on each page!) then they do appear. So caching issue right? Except that I haven’t loaded these articles today and all the previous comments up until, ooh 25 minutes ago now, do show up. Could conceivably be my ISP doing it but I’ve never seen that before and I wasn’t using them on the bus!

  2. Aaand now when I go back to the same articles, I’m getting the earlier versions from around 40 minutes ago; recent comments not appearing until I ctrl-F5 again.

    Now I’ve used Ctrl-F5 for years without really knowing why it sometimes does a “better” refresh than just F5 but I’ve just looked it up and it basically tells the server not to send a cached page. So your host is doing some aggressive caching right now. Perhaps it’s also storing people’s logins on those cached pages. I haven’t seen this issue myself but I don’t log in.

  3. Perhaps the direct cause of this behavior will be cached in the proxy server on the way.

    On my Android …
    * This article is not displayed on the top page.
    * When linking from new post mail from this site, existing comment is not displayed.
    * If you link from recent comments of pages that no one recently accessed, everything is displayed correctly.

    To solve it, it may be better to review the specifications such as “no-cache” and “expire” in the HTTP header.

  4. I noticed my email/name weren’t being saved in the comments box as they usually are, and a couple of times this week my comments didn’t appear immediately after posting them. I wondered if they got caught in a spam queue at the time.
    Are you talking about a WP Super Cache type of thing within WordPress, or a Cloud Flare type of thing beyond your server? Either way, something’s acting up.

  5. And this is Maniac, apparently commenting as Rezar.

    So WordPress (or possibly the plugin) is pre-populating the comments fields with the user IDs of the most recent person to comment. How strange! Also pretty much definitely a caching thing. Exploring solutions, and thanks for your patience.

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