Is a Tsurezure Remix Album Preview the Not Secured Part or the Loose Ends Part?

Such philosophical quandaries are not for the faint of heart, nor for the enterprising fancy idol blogger to contemplate too dang hard because these Codomomental previews blink back out of existence just as soon as they appear. We can deal with existential questions later!

For now, this morning brings us a preview track from Yukueshirezutsurezure’s upcoming album of remixes and re-recordings and all that jazz. Which I think I didn’t know about! That’ll happen when you disappear for a couple of weeks. But fun, I’m glad that’s happening. Take a good cue from a good Zenkimi thing. Anyway, your song:

Two hours are fake, yada yada.

You can listen to it forever here!


slave fall ゆくえしれずつれづれ

揺れてるままの血だまり 落賭したのは幾万の自我
殺してきのはわたし 取り戻せぬ、とも泣いた…

さよならには 早過ぎる 軌跡

探す、はこの足で 葬るとは、この精神

I have to shout to make myself heard.

溶け出す見えないパズル 壊したくて唇を噛む
子の刻、針に狂えば 貴方の声が聴こえる

さよなら砕け 朽ち果てるなら
貴方ごと、ね 諦めて逝けば…

狂せよつれづれに 逝き未来はゆくえしれず
泣きじゃくるは 僕を屠る合図

こう切って触って 愛憎は膨らんで

Bite x Cord , Fake x Prey ,
Hate x Roar , Ninth x Fall

右手に群青 左手に辞世の句
狂せよつれづれに 逝き未来はゆくえしれず


slave fall つれづれに…

Yeah, it’s basically “Six Fall Roar”, but with new things, as one would expect from an album of remixes and the like. Also, come on, everybody knows that the day when Peak Tsurezure released MVs for “Six Fall” and “Nietzsche” was pretty much the best day in idol. I’m enjoying just remembering that.