Invest in Holy Water if You Can: Another Hanako-san Guitar Cover

Just one week left until Halloween! At least once per day, I’m going to do my damnedest* to make sure that something on par with the spirit of the season makes its way onto I mean, yeah, that tends to be the case around here, anyway, and I’ve been pointing out all the spooky/violent/scary/mind-blowing stuff for a good long while, but whatever.

In this case, our friend Santa Sangre returns, having survived the maelstrom that is “Human Die!!”, with another guitar cover of a Hanako-san “classic”:**


Basically, everything about these covers, the coverer and the subject is seasonally appropriate in a strictly adult sense. You want your scary up to the PG-13 Kind Of level? Stick to Pikarin and tongue-in-cheek demon cosplay. Hanako-san is a literal toilet ghost who screams over what’s probably the most brutal music in idol. Respect, and respect the person who’d don a mask (a necessity when dealing with the undead) and riffing as hard as possible on that guitar for our entertainment.

*See what I did there?
**I used scare quotes not because I want to diminish the quality or belovedness of Hanako-san’s work, but because this shit is literally scary.