INUWASI Explore their Softer Side in “Never ending” MV and Forthcoming Album

INUWASI was one of our favorite loudol debuts of 2020 with their refreshingly melodic takes on metalcore and electronic hardcore. In the lead up to this year’s November 2nd release of their first full album, the Hybrid Raptor’s spokesunit announced that they are now broadening their aesthetic to include more pop-friendly genres. Yesterday, they dropped the results of this foray into new musical territory with their MV for “Never ending”.

“Never ending” is certainly a friendlier side to the unit than we have seen in the past. The MV gives us our first footage of the members in street clothes and engaging with the day-to-day world. It is also the first time we have seen any of the members actually smile in an official MV. The song is a kind of joyfully affable pop-punk reminiscent of the sorely missed WILL-O’. In a Natalie article back in September, INUWASI mentioned that OKP-STAR, former leader and bassist of Aqua Timez, had contributed songs to the upcoming album, so it should come as no surprise that more amiable rock tunes are now forthcoming from the group. What is a surprise is that the first more rosy tune that we get was composed by Kaoru Tsujihisa, the creator responsible for “crier”, “holy” and much of INUWASI’s brooding, hardcore sound. 

That being said, any fears that INUWASI is leaving their metalcore roots behind on the upcoming album can be most likely be wholly set aside. At least six of the DUTY’s 14 tracks were pre-released as the digital EP chimera back in September, and they very much slap like the group’s earlier work.

“Never Ending” is the first of two MVs scheduled for release in association with the new album, so we have more to look forward to from the unit. They are currently in the midst of their JUSTIZ tour and also have an upcoming two-man live with MIGMA SHELTER.