We Interview Idols: Yukueshirezutsurezure (Not Secured, Loose Ends)

I alluded to this in yesterday’s 100 Days of Tsurezure post; ol’ Maniac here ultimately had to cancel his plans to see Not Secured, Loosed Ends in Toronto, but Papermaiden had previously volunteered to provide translation help, and she did a great job with this. And it’s the first interview we’ve done! Pretty cool.

A few notes to get started: This interview has been edited for clarity. Most of the words are the members, transcribed from their sentences written live using PC translation. Most of the answers were kind of brainstormed by the members as a group, piecing up sentences. Unless otherwise specified, you can assume the answer is the group’s and not a particular member. Shidare, as the great leader she is, often guided the discussion and prompted members to see if they would like to add anything. Imamura-san, the founder of Codomomental, was also present and sometimes helped the girls answer questions about the essence and concept. Much of the interview was conducted textually. Imamurasan suggested to use Google Translate to facilitate the interview in case the Japanese-English language barrier got too dense*. For now, enjoy what might be the first official idol interview conducted in person through Google Translate. 

Everyone, welcome to Canada. It must have been a long flight.
Ah, thank you!

It must have been a long flight.
It [lasted] 11 hours.

What did you do during the flight?
We slept, we also watched movies.

Oh, like what? May I have titles?
Suicide Squad and Sing (the animated movie).

I know that some of you have been studying English. Would you be able to answer a question in English?
[All the members gesture negatively slightly embarrassed while laughing]
No! (Laughs) English is difficult.

What about French?
Not at all! (laughs)

(We have a brief discussion where Imamura-san and I described the geographical specification of Canada and Quebec. The members seemed at least superficially aware of that both languages are recognised as official in this country.)

How does it feel to have a large number of Ultramarines outside of Japan? Some people are travelling several thousand miles to see you, isn’t that awesome?
We were surprised!

Shidare: I’m very happy that you came from far away. I am very moved. [Music allows] us to connect with people all around the world.

What were your impressions of Niagara Falls?
Tsuyame & Cococo: There were [lots of ?]attractions.

Members: It was cold! [There were] splashes of water so awesome I[Shidare] could not stand it. The landscape was impressive, it was so big!

Have you tried Canadian food?
Members: Not yet! [So far] we’ve had German food and Japanese Sushi.

Oh, were they good?
[The members looks unsure]
Well, they were different than Japan, but they were still good.

Fish in Japan is so fresh!
[I apologized for our old fish compared to Japan. To be honest, having sushi in Japan will most likely ruin sushi made from fish/sashimi for anyone from almost anywhere. I communicated this to the members.]
We’ve had [Canadian] breakfast. And hamburgers. It was delicious.

I also saw on Twitter than Tsuyame got some potatoes chips.
Tsuyame: Oh yes, they were delicious!

Shidare: What is tasty in Canada?

I recommend Poutine! It’s french fries, gravy and cheese [curds]. [When you’ll be] in Montréal, I recommend Pâté Chinois (shepherd’s pie). It’s mashed potatoes, corn and [ground] meat.
Shidare: I’m here until the 26th, I want to eat a lot!

Can you explain a little the meaning of Yukueshirezutsurezure?
Shidare: It’s Not Secured, Loose Ends.

Of course, it translates the meaning. But more literally/directly, how would you translate Yukueshirezutsurezure?
[Imamura-san and the girls consult each others, because it’s a difficult question.]
Yukueshirezu is a title, [while] Tsurezure means tangling1. It would correspond to the image of being lost the girls talked about in their video subtitled in English. [Maniac apologizes for not being able to find the video]

How do you think you will connect with an audience of gaikokujin, many of whom do not know you or your music?
[We believe music transcend language. We want the overseas audience] to be washed over by a sea of music.

If the theme of Zembu Kimi no Sei Da is mental health2, what is the theme of Tsurezure?
It is to be able to express emotions of weakness and passion at the same time. [Keywords would be] Paradox [or] Antinomy.

It is no longer completely rare for idols to use harsh vocals, but it is still far from typical. How do you personally connect with the vocal style [Screams and Shouts]? What do you think it communicates?
It is unusual for all members of a group to do screams. But it’s a view of the world we can express together.

[Shidare asks Komachi if there’s anything she wants to say to this question. She quietly declines]

Shidare: [Through] screams, we can express pain , suffering, irritation, joy, anger, all emotions. These emotions are lived by people everyday.

Had you listened to heavier music before you joined Tsurezure? What would be your recommendations?
We haven’t listened to heavy metal [or other western(?) music in that style] before joining Tsurezure. However, we are all fans of Japanese rock.

Shidare: Ling Toshite Shigure

Tsuyame: (Mystery to be answered by email) [Maniac: Oh great, Ariane gets to be email buddie with Tsuya now …]

Cococo: TOE

Komachi: Radwimps

You are the sister unit to Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, and you have collaborated on each others’ tracks. What is the relationship like between the groups?
They’re like our rival. It’s a serious but friendly competition. Codomomental is like a family.

Oh yes? What would that make Milcboy?
Shidare: Milcboy is GOD (in English!) (Everyone laughs)

Are there any other idols that you follow, or that inspire you?
[The girls get really serious when I ask this question. Shidare answers that she had no interest in idols. Imamura-san adds that their inspiration, as with the previously answered question, really came from bands and not idols. I press a bit harder to get some clarifications.]

I remember Togaren saying in an interview that all the idols she liked before joining Zenkimi were softer, cuter idols. What about you?

Shidare: I have never seen an idol telling my soul [therefore I had not interest in it]. We want to be it.

I agree. Tsurezure’s [screams and style] is empowering [with it’s Not Secured, Looe Ends philisophy.] in this way.

Shidare: I’m happy [“Very happy” in English in the text]. Our souls can be desperate at times but it can be someone’s salvation, I believe so.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?
This is a difficult question

[The members ponder and discuss with Imamura-san.]

We would like to collaborate with Ling Toshite Shigure or X-Japan.

Your costume design is very interesting. What is the symbolism of the colors?
Black and blue are Tsurezure’s group colors.

I notice that your current outfits are japanese-themed. Is that part of the overall theme for Tsurezure?
Shidare: We decided to wear Japanese-style outfits to make our oversea audience happy.

What is the meaning of your symbol? Is it a Y and a T?
Yes! The T is upside-down. This is meaningful as part of the group concept of antinomy.

What about the H and C of your promotional logotype?
Shidare: It means Core Hate.

Oh! When it’s in a cross, I thought it meant Hard Core, but when you write it horizontally, you write YxTxCxH.

Shidare: (playfully)[That’s right] it carries both meaning.

For Cococo:
Cococo: [Wide-eyed] Yes?

How was your experience modelling for Mikio Sakabe? Would you like to repeat the experience?
Cococo: I love fashion so I was happy. I want to do it again.

I look forward to it! Many fashion magazines now use idol groups as models. I hope they cast Tsurezure, it would be the best!
(Cococo laughs.)

Everyone, what are your Hobbies? What is your special talent?

Shidare: My hobby is reading. I love Japanese Novels. My special talent is screams.

Tsuyame: My special hobby is cat. My special skill is housework.

Komachi: My hobby is [writing in/hold a] diary. My special skill is swimming.

Cococo: My hobby is shopping and fashion/clothing. I like Angerlange, Mikio Sakabe and Jenny Fax. My special skill is sewing.

Oh, that’s really nice, me too! If you had the occasion would you like to make the costumes for Tsurezure?
Cococo: Oh, it’s Milcboy’s brother, Koh Ishigo, who makes the costumes for Tsurezure. I actually made the costumes for “Six Fall Roar.”

Whoa, that’s awesome! If you had the occasion again, would you do it?
Cococo: I would like to if there was an opportunity.

How did you get started at Codomomental?
Well, it existed before us. It was started by Imamura-san and Milcboy.

Oh yes, of course. But what lead you to join Codomomental? How did you get interested in it?
Oh, we met at the auditions for Tsurezure.

Tsuyame: I was attracted by the world view when I saw the PV.

Cococo: I (too] saw the MV and I liked the music.

Komachi: I have seen the light. I decided I would live there.

Shidare: I was desperate to live. I thought I could not do anything. But I thought I might be able to laugh and love people. I thought of becoming an idol. Looking at the audition website(s?), Codomomental caught my attention.

Is there a reason why you perform in bare feet?
Because it can be thoughtful. Shoes are an obstacle [sometimes].

After the tour is complete, both Next Music From Tokyo and then the Pandemic final, what’s next for Yukueshirezutsurezure?
Both the members and Imamura-san: It’s a secret!

[Imamurasan did tell me that there would be more oversea shows.]

Last question: Would you like to send a message to the readers of Homicidols.com?
Shidare: We cannot speak English, but I think that music can convey the soul. I’m looking forward to doing music with you.

Cococo: I want to meet people from various countries!

It’s the end! Thank you for the interview!

Please share your thoughts in the comments below! This is the first interview conducted by Homicidols.com and my first article here. Please let me know if you’d like any clarifications!

This interview would not have been possible without the following people: Steven Tanaka from Next Music From Tokyo, who is my favorite doctor I’ve never had and happens to have excellent musical tastes. He organises by himself all the Next Music From Tokyo tour and you should check him and the shows out! Thanks to Maniac for setting the interview request up and organizing the questions. Most of them were gathered through a Patron-only post on the Patreon page. This is one of the perks you get from supporting this website financially, aside from feeling morally superior. I would also like to extend my thanks to Imamura-san for agreeing to this interview with the group, especially considering the language barrier and the slight technical problems I encountered. This is an important gesture toward international audiences for which we are incredibly grateful! Last, but not least, I would like to thank my friend DenkouNova who is actually fluent in Japanese and accepted to quickly translate the questions despite my request being very last minute and his lack of interest in idols (I’m working on it!). His translated questions allowed for a good initial comprehension and allowed us to have the detailed answers and follow-up that we have. If you appreciate it, drop a thank to his Twitter account. Do note that all the questions prefaced by ** are mine and made up on the spot; Denkounova is not to be blamed for the dubious grammar.

Footnotes and References

*As far as I know, no one fluent in both Japanese and English proposed to do the interview. Give me a few more years and I’ll be much better at carrying nuances along!✨

1. According to a title translation of a vocaloid song called Yukueshirezu, it translates as “Whereabouts Unknown”. It would correspond the the image of being lost the girls talked about in there video subtitled in English

2. (Menhera, see http://fymenhera.tumblr.com/info for more details on the variations in currents. Quoted from the page, as of May 21st, 2017: “That is kind of hard to explain depending on which part of Menhera you mean. Menhera (メンヘラ) is a japanese slang term derived from “Mental Healther*”. It became the spark of a sickly cute (病みかわいい) aesthetics which takes the ambiguous usage of the word “sick”, like as an insult for something nonconformist, literally as reflection of the social stigma which still hides behind the surface of “kawaii culture”. Originally, it was a nickname given to the users of 2ch’s mental health board (not mental health as a mental state, like its actual meaning in English, it’s a wasei-eigo). These days it is mostly refering to a person that is having emotional issues as the board’s content is about seeking mental well-being in general.

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