Inside the Homicidol Mind: Yotsu from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da

Like I mentioned yesterday, our anonymous benefactor (who I will not threaten to begin to refer to as Rodney Anonymous should he not reveal his true identity) translated the full run of Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da PowerPush interviews, as published by

We did Megumi, in a very ex-post-bittersweet kind of way, yesterday; today is maybe the least known member of the group, the green-clad Barbara Eden cosplayer known as Yotsu.

So what is it that a person like Yotsu even likes? How does she interact with the other members? And why idol, of all things? You can read the whole thing or take the jump for the translation.

On the third interview [Maniac: I went out of order on purpose; you’ll understand on Friday], we talk to the green representative, Yotsu Hitomi. This time, she tested her wings at a health spa. A very adult-like Hitomi Yotsu, what does she seek from the life of an idol?

Yotsu Hitomi – It’s not enough, It’s not enough, I’m not satisfied.

It’s actually my first time visiting a health spa. You just go into a building like this? I feel a bit awkward with coming here like this. I’m usually okay with just a normal bath. Here, I could enjoy different varieties of baths to my full extent. I have back pain, so the electric spa made my back feel good. It’s not because of the roughness of our gigs, it’s mostly because of my poor posture (laughs).

I usually love just lounging around at home. Even today, I wanted to go somewhere relaxing, so I decided that we’d do this article at this health spa. I get dizzy at places with a lot of people, I feel at ease when I’m not in the way of anyone. I usually go to places where I want to go alone. For example, there’s this green tea ice cream shop in Shizuoka. Megumi asked me if I wanted to visit it with her, but I guess I’ll go there alone (laughs). It’s not that I don’t like Megumi, but when I’m somewhere with someone I want them to feel like “it’s fun to be with her” and therefore act all upbeat and happy. That’s why I feel it’s more fun to go alone to places I really want to visit. Oh, I do want to go to the movies with Megumi, though! (laughs)

On the other hand, I really care about how others view me. Before I joined ZenKimi, I was really moody and selfish. When we went to the beach with friends, I just told them i’ll be in the car because I don’t want to get sunburnt without caring what the others thought.
But after joining ZenKimi, I started realizing my bad points. There’s a personal space, right? I really didn’t want others to come into it, but recently I’ve been more quickly accepting of others.

I don’t really care about what I eat. If I find something good, I just eat that. Recently I’m into crab meat. They sell that in convenience stores, so I eat that a lot before gigs. Before that, I ate a lot of red rice balls and granola. My diet consisted of only those two. I’m not really a picky eater. Ah, my cooking specialty is ginger fried pork!

The most faithful member of the group is Gomochi. She comes to stay at my house a lot. At that time I really clean my room. I’m the uncleanly type of a girl. If i get in the mood, I really clean well though. Before I get that spark, though, you know. My lifestyle is similar to Aza’s. Basically, me and Aza are a bit on the lazy side. When you compare me to Megumi, she’s completely different. She’s punctual and effective. I really respect her. Mashiro isv… Before I joined ZenKimi, she was my oshi*. We’ve recently become more talkative and we went to the movies together the other day. She really knows how to act according to the situation.

*[Maniac: Yotsu was the replacement for Asuna, who departed before the release of Yamikawa IMRAD]

There was a time when I was afraid that the other members wouldn’t like me so there was a time I didn’t talk that much. But in the end, I thought it was better to just talk. If they don’t like me how I express myself, it can’t be helped. So nowadays, I try to say whatever I want to say.

Zenkimi,s lives are pretty rough, but I think I am able to manage with that. I became an idol so I could be loved by others and I’d get attention from then. Then again, even if it became true, it’s just not enough. (laugh) Wazurais give me love, but I still don’t feel satisfied. As if there’s no bottom at the cup and a thing like eternal satisfaction exists. Even making it to the Budokan would make me feel, that it’s still not enough.

What’s the goal? I don’t really know that myself (laughs).

What I’d like to do from now on? I haven’t though about that (laughs). I live in the moment, things become like they become. I’d really like to work harder on performing. I believe I’m not complete personality-wise, either. I don’t hate this feeling (laughs). Rather, I think i like it. Ehehehe. Would be nice if i can continue to be like this.

I think Yotsu needs to drink a lot more or a lot less coffee.

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