Inside the Homicidol Mind: Two Translated BiSH Interviews, Anybody?

We are blessed, friends, blessed indeed, for there are those among us who are not only multilingual, but who are generous and willing to take content — lyrics, articles, interviews, etc. — and give it a little bit of a work so that it’s digestible for us, the English-addled masses. And over the past couple of days, we’ve gotten two very big gifts in the form of interviews with BiSH’s Ayuni D (in the ShuuPlay News) and Atsuko (IDOL and READ).

First up! Hashiyasume. As far as she goes, I actually think that Atsuko is now the only member of BiSH who I’ve never had occasion to feature via interview or other subject matter. And that’s not for want of her being cool in her way — she is! — it’s just a question of access and timing and things. And when Plain Sugar Subs tweeted out an Atsuko special from IDOL and READ, I was all over it.

I joined a different group but something feels not right, and I believe the same thing will happen to the group so, I decided to take on a hiatus until I found a group that is really suitable for me. I resumed my life as a part-timer for around a year, getting fatter from all the food given ( LOL ), and then I found out about … BiSH. I took the audition for the 1st generation because I believe that BiSH is my chance to be a star. I would probably become a total loser if i don’t make anything out of this, so seriously I was like; “This is my last chance.”

Go read the whole thing:

And then come back for the second half of the double feature!

Our favorite gas station attendant-turned-idol, whose story gets a bit of a do-over in the Weekly Playboy, and translated by our dude Kayseur:

With no friend to talk to and nothing better to do, I figure you’d simply be left with daydreaming.

That’s right. I did.

What were you thinking about while doing so?

I often imagined some terrorists attacking the school. Like we’d have to play tag against people fully armed. My seat was next to the windows, in the front row, but I dreamed of people breaking through the back row’s windows making loud noises.

A wild armed-terrorists gang appeared!

Then, I’d look back— and the other students behind me would already be dead. I’d fly out of the classroom, and then fight back.

Ah so you wouldn’t be playing hide-and-seek but fighting.

I wouldn’t be able to do it in real life, but I was imagining myself breaking a desk’s leg to turn it into a weapon, sharpening it. Then with some skilled and agile moves, I’d beat the terrorists.

Go read the whole thing. Ayuni D’s such an anomaly in idol that I sometimes don’t even believe that she’s real.T

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