Inside the Homicidol Mind: This Pikarin Interview Has the Best Title Ever

It’s slow out there, gang; there isn’t even all that much live stuff happening. It’ll pick up again soon! In the meantime, I happen to share the belief that downtime is the best time, because it’s when you can dive deeper into subject matter than you’d usually have time to, and so I’ve been looking around for older videos, interviews, etc., and this new bit of work by Plain Sugar Subs is worth a few minutes.

Pikarin! It’s an older interview, from IDOL AND READ 007, called “WAR DECLARATION FROM THE DEMON WORLD,” but it does get into the head of a young woman whose career has certainly seen some interesting developments over the years.

Explain this:

You raised 4 Chihuahua?

I only have one at the beginning but then she keep on reproducing.


I got my brown hair from my parent so everyone was really curious about me during my kindergarten years since everybody’s hair is black, I kept getting things like: “must be hard being a Morning Musume member,” and a lot of kid want to shakes my hands and I don’t even know them.

Shiina’s a little different, okay.

Ever since I was in Elementary school, I found out that being in pain is the same as getting love.

Okay! Go read the whole thing, and don’t say that I didn’t want you.

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  1. Oh, wow… her dad sounds like a textbook abuser. Maybe even a sociopath. He’s certainly got the superficial charm, total self-centredness and willingness to claim all his actions were justified, no matter how ridiculous.

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