Inside the Homicidol Mind: The Unassuming Heart of BiSH

Hot off the heels of those great interviews with Aina and liNGliNG, the same translator (who you should follow and praise) provides another IDOL AND READ sit-down with a BiSH member, in this case maybe the greatest enigma of all, Momoko GUMi Company.

From afar, she’s the tiny blonde girl with the bowl cut who can barely be bothered to lip-sync and always winds up being the butt of Watanabe’s cruelty. But what about on the inside? What would possess a total newbie to want to join BiSH? What was it like to join an idol group laden with talent? Who is she closest to? What is it that she’s writing about in her songs, and why are those songs always so good?

Read the whole thing. Personally, I’m a huge mark for the woman I call Gumico mostly in private because nobody else does. But while I identified with Hug Me and have this sort of awe for the Captain, Momokan’s always been very much how she often appears in the group dynamic, like a little sister or the kid you grew up with.* Which, when you read the interview, starts to make a lot of sense.

*Note: Not the “girl next door.” That’s one thing, and this is another. I grew up with girls as friends and peers because that’s just who happened to be nearby, and I’ve always had a hard time talking around terminology that to me conjures up a very different image than what most people correlate it to.