Inside the Homicidol Mind: Q’ulle on Weathering Storms and Being Awesome

Okay, so maybe I exaggerated the title a little bit, but you go ahead and tell me who in this world has their primary advocate (in this case, a record label) basically disappear and drop your contract, leaving you homeless and possibly aimless … and then come out ahead through the storm.

If you raised your hand, good for you! And/or if you guessed Q’ulle, good for you for being able to read context clues! I of course jest, seeing as how I rarely have any other way of being, but the important thing is, hey look, a Q’ulle interview! This is from at the time of the release of “DON’T STOP.”

So how did Q’ulle feel about that whole business?

Maamu: Of course we had nothing but a feeling of unease. At any rate, we had our heads full of making (last) summer’s tour a success. But even with that target, I ended up breaking a bone in the middle of the tour and had to stop participating in it. I was able to come back for the tour finale, but while I wasn’t able to get on stage I would think, like, “What should I do?”.

Oh damn.

Yakko: We cried in the middle of performances. It was considerably worrying.

Holy shit. But it’s actually a good story with a happy ending and idols being all saucy, so go read the whole thing.

This one is courtesy of our old pal Phillter, who very solemnly messaged me a little while ago to say that he felt badly for having gotten busy with living and working in Japan and having the kind of life that many of us only wish we could have, at which I scoffed because, come on. But he did offer to return to semi-regular translation duties, and I said, that’s great, please do so.

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