Inside the Homicidol Mind: Narasaki Yuri on Being Fruitpochette

Back in August, at TIF, Fruitpochette revealed the new partner for long-timer Zuma Shiori, who’d been performing solo or in impromptu formations since the health-mandated retirement of her partner, Teratani Mina. Rum was a dual vocalist, with passable cleans and very passable growls, and she added interesting, exciting depth to a new EP and, presumably, a fresh start for idol metal’s 1b.

A month later, Rum was out and Fruitpochette was in trouble.

But into the breach stepped a fellow performer with Mad Magazine, a solo idol known as Kyuri (say “Narasaki Yuri” really fast to see why) whose career had begun as a trainee for Fruitpochette. A friend of Shiori’s and a known talent, Kyuri was at least a fill-in solution, and she wasn’t shy about her intention to keep her solo career going either way.

With a lot of performance and now recording under her belt, Kyuri wrote on her Ameba blog about her impressions of where she was, how she got to where she is and maybe where she goes from here. The translation available in the Fruitpochette fan group on Facebook is something else.

So how exactly was Kyuri doing with her idol work before being asked to make the emergency save for Fruitpochette?

Studying in university, lessons, voice training, working at drink counter in venue and occasionally having 5 to 10 minutes show. I often thought “what am I doing?”

Oh. What about following in Mina’s footsteps?

I can not be Mina, and I do not think that I want to be the same as her.

Gracious. Maybe you need to go read the whole thing. Also join that group while you’re there, because you should like Fruitpochette very much because they’re great.