Inside the Homicidol Mind: Kuromiya Rei on Being Idol

Happy Monday, amigos. Seeing as how quiet things had been lately in the idolverse, I had originally intended to make today a little introspective, a chance to look inward into the minds of the people who provide the entertainment that we all love so much. But now we can do that across a couple of days intead!

Today’s entry is none other than Kuromiya Rei, who was interviewed for IDOL AND READ a few months ago. Kayseur put together a very thorough translation for the piece, which runs the gamut from idle talk about relationships to her feelings about Ladybeard and her broad musical career, among a number of other topics.

On addressing her past

You can’t convey all of your feelings through text alone. Aren’t social networks nothing but a place to flatter your ego? Text isn’t enough, if you want to talk, you can just come meet me after our lives during the goodies sales, and if you can’t come, just call me out in the street! Judging people on looks alone isn’t very pretty. There are times when I talk a bit harshly and some where my tweets are a bit extreme, but I don’t want people to look at my words, I want people to look at the real me. I don’t want to be judged on my past, that’s why I deleted all of my tweets.


I wonder… That “frustration” might have been comparable to wanting to kill someone. But, only comparable (laugh). But frustration eventually turns into motivation right? The fact that I couldn’t win the grand prize became a driving force to me, so if I think about it positively, being 3rd was a good thing. The 3rd place is neither good nor bad, it can be whatever you want it to. Everyone who’d rank in Miss iD would think so.

On performing abroad

We might’ve had a one man live in America but, at first when I was riding the shinkansen in order to go to a release event, I was reading our planning when I first saw “One Man Live in America” written; I thought it was a mistake. Along with Rie we asked the staff if they were stupid (laugh). I told them I couldn’t speak english, to which they answered it wasn’t a problem because it was in a far future. It turned out it wasn’t in a far future at all (laugh).

Go read the whole thing, and definitely read Kayseur’s note at the bottom — support your local translators!

2 thoughts on “Inside the Homicidol Mind: Kuromiya Rei on Being Idol

  1. Really interesting interview with Rei.

    Also LADY BABY BLUE MV is here:

    I really like this song. It finally feels more like Rei and Rie now.
    Since the beard left the group it has to me felt like they only
    been trying to be as the past was. Having a male vocal without
    a member singing it felt pointless to me.
    I hope this is a indication of a new direction for them. That they
    focus more on Rei and Rie whom they are and that they can take it
    towards something new instead of the past.

    I think it’s Rie whom directed this MV 🙂

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