Inside the Homicidol Mind: Gomochi from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da

Our look in at the thought processes of the current, past and soon-to-be-past members of Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da continues with the soon-to-be getting her moment in the sun — it may be our last chance to hear from Gomochi, one of the tiniest adult-aged idols I’ve ever seen but as suitably twisted a little whirlwind as you’ll find out there. Gonna miss her!

If you’re new to the series, these interviews with the members of Zenkimi were conducted beginning several months ago, wherein they’d publish one per month. Our anonymous friend who provides a close look in at the world of Codomomental fans and activities very generously translated these without so much as a request — they’re literally a gift to us. You can see the previous entries on Mashiro, Yotsu and Megumi.

So what’s up with Gomochi? What does she think about idoling and growing within it? What about her own career? Might there be foreshadowing related to that recent unpleasantness? Read the whole thing, or take the jump to the translation.

The fourth interview deals with the light blue representative Gomochi Narumi. Even though she has the childlike looks, she’s a serious person and enjoys a lot of trust from the other members. What kind of thoughts does she have during her activities?

Gomochi Narumi – I can’t do calculations and so on!

I frequently visited Tokyo, but I haven’t done a lot of sightseeing. That’s why I wanted to come to this Alice in Wonderland cafe. I really really love fantasy worlds. This cafe where you can feel the world Alice in Wonderland really gives your mind a calming feeling.

I haven’t really shown it, but I have some really girly points in my personality.

I recently got courage to talk with other Idols. When we were a brand new unit, we always felt a bit out of place and thus acted reservedly amongst other groups. But after Aza and Yotsu became interested in those other idols, we suddenly started talking to them together. I think the ZenKimi inner feeling changed a bit and we all grew up as people too. (laughs).

I’ve been thinking of what kind of position I play in ZenKimi. Others have called me an obliging person, I don’t really like to be separated from others around me. I guess it’s because I try to act so I’m liked. I’m afraid of being disliked by people around me, so I really care about how others view. I guess that’s the reason I became like that depending. There are also times when I just horse around like a child, you know? Other members still do call me “mother-like person”, though. I guess it’s because I’m experienced in cleaning Yotsus room? (laugh)

Even during the beginning of ZenKimi, I acted so that people wouldn’t dislike me. I don’t really have my own opinions. Before joining, I’d just run away from making decisions and I didn’t really reflect on things I’ve done in the past. I think it was because it was convenient to just fit yourself to suit others. Joining ZenKimi, however was of my own intention. I guess it was because I wanted to change what I was before.

I didn’t like studying ever since I was in elementary school. Listening to hard topics made me sleepy (laughs). My parents are smart, but I dabbled in English discussion and soroban (Japanese abacus) and didn’t really do that for long.

I only slept in cram school. During school years, if someone said: “When I become an adult, I don’t need math!”, I would immediately agree, but in the end it would turn out to be a lie. I’m still troubled by not being good at calculating (laughs).

After a gig, I just doze out and try not to think about the gig until the next day. As if a switch would be flipped during the gig. And of course there’s the facts that I’m not tall. Sometimes when the stage is low, people in the back might not see me. Depending on the live, there might be instances where you can only see the halo that’s on my head (laughs). That’s why I try to move as much so people could see me.

It’s a bit more problematic when compared to other members. Mashiro for example knows how to show herself on stage. She’s done research on so many different artists, so she understands. I don’t really know how to show my appeal. I can’t progress without being challenged, so I want to indulge myself in new challenges in the future. I guess I became a bit more adventurous like this because I’ve grown as a person.

A little while ago, we had a three-man gig with BiS and Bellring. I had pretty bad feelings that day. Felt really away from home. The fans of the two other groups weren’t really getting into our gig made me feel bad. I did all I could but it wasn’t enough, I thought. I became a bit impatient. But then I realized, that “these type of things are going to happen in the future too.” That gig became a good learning experience. I think it was a necessary thing for us.

Recently, I feel like the lives haven’t really changed for better or good. I think we’re getting used to what we do. I guess we’re in a period where we have to butt heads with the other members and discuss what should we do from now on. Of course we don’t have bad relations with each other, but if we want to proceed forward, I think we should butt heads a little bit. That’s what I’ve been lately wondering.

I’m interested in doing solo work, too. I’d like to do something difficult, like a variety TV program or so. I’d also like to have a lightning round quiz contest with the members. Megumi and Mashiro are smart, but me and Yotsu aren’t. It would be fun to see how I would answer. Then, on personal goals, I’d like to try living alone a little. Because I’m not good at calculations, it gives me a bit anxiety, but I’ll do my best to become more independent!

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