Inside the Homicidol Mind: Aza (ex) from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da

Saving maybe not the best for last, but definitely the cruelest — most of the tears openly cried during the Zenkimi Incident were on Aza’s behalf, and she’s to date the only member to make her withdrawal.

This has been a pretty good series! Not all of the commentaries were tremendously insightful (Yotsu: I’m messy but Gomochi cleans my place), but they all did give a look in at the people behind one of many Western fans’ favorite groups. For reference’s sake, here’s Megumi, Yotsu, Mashiro and Gomochi.

As for Aza, what is her real disposition? What makes her go? And what does she really see in Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da? As always, you could go read the whole thing, or you could follow the jump for the translation.

The second part of our monthly interview focuses on the purple representative, Aza Mogeki. The girl who is entranced by the Kamen Rider series, how does she feel when she fights like a hero, even if she’s wounded?

Aza Mogeki — Wanting to become the hero of ZenKimi

I really admire the Kamen Riders! When I was really small, I watched Kamen Rider Kuuga and I fell in love. I got a transformation belt toy as a birthday present too. It’s normally thought that girls like Magical Girl or cutesy stuff and so on, but I fell in love with Kamen Rider (laughs). The allies of justices and super heroes fight for the people, right? That kind of earnest figure is admirable and has a bit of loneliness to it. I really admire their cool way of life. I like your kick-punch action scenes, but I especially like the dramatic elements and the male bonding aspect of it.

Recently, the character Kamen Rider Mach from Kamen Rider Drive and his way of life made me tear up. I didn’t really care about the actor at first, but during the series, the characters personality and the post-transformation form really caught my attention.

In terms of the design of the world, I like Kamen Rider Kiba, it has some really good aesthetics. Whenever the Fangires (your basic enemy) were defeated, there would be this cool effect of stained glass breaking. I’d like to appear in one of the series. Or to put it in a better way, I want to become a Kamen Rider. Fighting to protect someone. Isn’t that awesome?

I’m really excited that I finally got to come to KAMEN RIDER THE DINER. This store has taken inspiration from all the Kamen Rider works and the menu and the drinks reflect that. I really wanted to go here for a long time, but none of the other members of Zenkimi aren’t huge Kamen Rider fans, so I didn’t have anyone to go together with.

All of the members are a bit nerdy though. Gomochi likes Otome Games (dating sims aimed at girls), Mashiro likes anime with beautiful girls in it, Megumi is a fan of Rumiko Takahashi (Inuyasha, Ranma and so on) and old Shounen Manga, Yotsu has a lot of different interests across different anime and manga genres. Everyone has different tastes. In the end, I ended up going to see a new Kamen Rider movie alone and was surrounded with children. Whenever I start talking about Kamen Rider with this type of enthusiasm, everyone else just stops listening. I wonder why.

I’ve been to Ikebukuro for a release event. Today’s the first time I’ve actually been able to walk around leisurely. There’s this place called Otome Road near the SunShine City mall, right? There’s so many anime stores, so that makes me excited. Especially Gomochi likes to come here. Yotsu and Gomochi usually have heated discussion about their favorite characters.

Yotsu likes feminine male characters, while Gomochi likes guy characters a bit on the rougher side. Everyone has different tastes, so i guess that makes it easy to live in harmony. I don’t want my tastes to overlap with any one else. Since they don’t overlap, it makes life easier.

In the past, I just stayed inside and fiddled around on my smartphone. If I only have my smartphone, I’m ok, was what I thought. After joining Zenkimi, I started feeling that I need to get out more. That’s why whenever I wanted to eat something special, I’d just go out to eat it. With this type of mindset, I got told quite a few times that I’m selfish. I’ve been told that’s pretty self-centered, but I feel like that’s not self-centered at all. I think that after joining Zenkimi, I’ve changed. Chances to meet people have increased and my willpower to stuff even alone has increased. I feel good that I’m able to live like I want to.

During gigs, I degenerate into a wildling. [Maniac: YES] I especially love performing really hard songs. I’m driven by the will to rage and let out frustration. Depending on the song, my switch gets turned on. “ShitEnd Placebo” is one song that does that. When there are cute songs, I can’t help but let out this adorable feeling. I just love it. It’s so exciting.

I want more people to see our lives. There are so many things you can’t experience by listening, so I want people to feel them at the live venues. I would want lonely people come to our gigs, since it’s a place where they can let out their frustrations with everyone else. Just forgetting about daily life, just for that moment only let out and go wild. I want to do that too, when my switch gets turned on.

Before summer ends, I want to try my hand in insect collecting. I’m ok around insects. I like locusts, so I’d like to have a fan event where we’d catch locusts. I’d also like to have a sports festival. That’s the one event that’s so Un-zenkimi (laughs). Mashiro would get tired fast. I’d like to see who’s the fastest member. I guess I’m being confident, I’m pretty fast you know?

Thank you again, anonymous benefactor, who/wherever you are!