Insert Bad Pun about Closing Themes by Aina the End

The TeddyLoid + Aina the End collaboration has borne more fruit, amigos, which we knew was going to happen but finally came upon us the other day. How, uh … how do you feel about it?

Better than the last one, at least?

I’ll say this for myself and only me: Trap can be pretty cool, but this isn’t Aina’s strong suit. And I think it was Terry who I was talking to recently about Aina being a short-timer in BiSH now that she’s out there doing these side projects, like They are trying to spread her wings a little bit and see where she might fit in a post-idol career, but also, Terry may have been right in saying that people can’t be too awfully impressed with these results so far. I guess only sales and stuff and whatever goofy metrics people apply to determine who gets promoted doing what, those are the things that matter.

4 thoughts on “Insert Bad Pun about Closing Themes by Aina the End

  1. People will love it, people will hate it. As the case with practically everything.

    I love it. I think it’s dope as fuck. But I also like crazy and weird things and music that makes me hype and go insane which this does perfectly. Seriously who ever would think Aina-chan from BiSH would be rapping intensely on a beat you would more likely hear Travis Scott or Migos on? On top of that doing Chief Keef “bow bow brrraaatt!” type adlibs? LMAO! That’s cool as hell.

    A big complaint that usually comes up anytime Aina is not singing is that she’s not utilizing her vocal ability to it’s preferred potential. Fair criticism since she is one of best vocalists right now. However there are so many other songs out there already where she does do that. There’s the BiSH catalog and her previous songs pre-BiSH. I think it’s great she’s doing something different for a change and stepping out of her element.

    The full song is also on Spotify:

  2. I mean… It’s not even a good “one of these”.
    And her delivery is a bit too soft which doesn’t help it, either.

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