Infidelity Is Bad, But These Mistresses Are Good

The fine human behind Pure Idol Heart has been good to us lately, friends, and I can think of no finer way to embrace a little brutal beauty than to come back to one of this week’s best:

The same newcomer hit the Idolmetal group in the same frame — we’re like a hive mind now!

So what’s the story with this Mistress?

This. This is the story with this Mistress.

My first thought was “heh, it’s like if PassCode’s producer took over KeePXOUT,” which is highly appropriate because they’re a visual kei unit (like KXO) that sounds like a Matrix-themed video game (like a visual kei version of PassCode). And I note that VK is not only more and more of a thing among idols and “song and dance units”*, but it’s really varied in how it manifests, too.

Anyway, Mistress (Twitter). New enough to still have that just-bought smell, but cool enough to have members named Kill and Blood Raven. I am unsurprisingly completely cool with this.

Go say hi.

*Seriously, never cheat. It’s incredibly fucked up. If your relationship isn’t working, end it or fix it, or don’t make commitments to others in the first place. If I have to, I will find you and smack the sense back into you.