Indie Idol Wednesday Is Feeling Really Indie Today

I thought that I’d take a minute on a fairly quiet-feeling Indie Idol Wednesday to self-indulgently update the unfeeling public on two projects that I happen to be very pro on.

First up! Good ol’ SHiX, who were the official least valuable players of the Corenament by dint of getting like two votes in the entire conference tourney section. When last we say them, they were a duo and rather adventurous, but still like … idol’s a tough business, you know? Even getting to stick as an indie can be hard.

So good on them for adding a butt-ton of members and rolling with a bunch of new music that will hopefully make its way online soon.

On the Heart ni Pochicon front, literal human disaster Hiiragi Fuyu retired from the game basically a heartbeat ago, leaving Yuana to fend for herself for like a week, because yeah, now there are two more members who … well, for their sake, I hope the group’s looking for a slight more SFW image:

Fittingly (and, I swear it, completely coincidentally), they and SHiX are now buddies and running in the same circle as Living Dead I Dolls and others of the same relative vintage, and I learned about both of them because I hover over Pochicon’s Twitter in the hopes that some video trickles into my feed and I get to see an idol chug a beer, then do an off-key cover of “nerve” while chain-smoking in a torn, soaking wet stage outfit.