Indie Idol Wednesday Is an Ass-kicking

Happy Indie Idol Wednesday! In today’s look into the indie side of (the hard side of) idol, I give you vampire girl Hoshina Fumimi:

Thanks as always, Viz Major!

Fumimi’s part of Guso Drop’s immediate family, directly under Daichi’s management. I guess that technically means that she isn’t indie, but you gotta have some wiggle room on these things. Her one-man is coming up in March; I just love that she’s having one.

She’s not quite the same punch to the teeth as the family’s headliners, either, but she’s a really good time. I’ve always enjoyed her stuff.

2 thoughts on “Indie Idol Wednesday Is an Ass-kicking

    • Oh, pish tosh (that’s what you “blokes” say, right?). You know what I mean. The difference between, like, the 48s and what a lot of us (me too!) take for indie is often really one of scale.

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